Some Newbie Question!

Some Newbie Question!

PostPosted by anabeces » Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:49 pm


Very interesting looking asset. I tried out the example scene and it looks very useful. Browsed through your scripts but I am not very advanced when it comes to coding so I have some questions.

The readme mentions result = SearchGrid.Search(Vector3 position, float radius)

1. How do I get a public list of gameobjects (instead of vector3's) that are found within a radius. I am stuck with the notation of the code. I haven't figured out how to even get the public List<Vector3> myList = new List<Vector>(result); I just want to be able to see the list in the inspector.

2. Also, how would I change the frequency of the updates? What is the default value if "update radius every frame" is unchecked?

Basically I am trying to use your use asset to find gameobjects within a radius radius and then check if they are enemy or ally. If they are ally I want to count how many of them are nearby at any given time to decide how strong my team is.

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