What do these scripts do?

What do these scripts do?

PostPosted by GameDevKev » Sat Nov 21, 2015 1:24 am

I have successfully used vis studio to make objects larger and smaller on beat using 'gameObjectPropertyTrigger.cs', or tilt /rotate, and even hooked up some particle emitters with the emitter script. Pretty cool. But I would like to do more, and there are a lot of scripts included that I have no idea how to use even after reading the documentation and watching the 7 minute tutorial. I figured this might be a popular topic for vis studio users who don't have the time to decipher all of the code or are new to c# like myself.

It will be easier to list the scripts that I have figured out how to use (mostly thanks to the example, the tut and documentation are pretty weak):

-Add Force Trigger
-Emit Particles Trigger
-Game Object Property Trigger
-Spawn Prefab Trigger

What do the other triggers do, and how do you use them?


-Some of these seem similar to Triggers, but what is the point?

What do modifiers do and how do you use them? I have been using triggers mostly I believe, because they seem to have more properties to access.

Some things that I would like to be able to do, but am not sure which scripts might allow it:
-Activate and deactivate gameobjects (is this done with message trigger? What is a receiver? Why is this not covered in the VisMessageTrigger section of the manual? What determines the message name? What is the parameter referring to, how does this effect a targeted game object? Why am I getting this error? Error: SendMessage TriggerMessage has no receiver!)
-Change a GameObjects material
-Edit shuriken particle system properties

Also, how come objects that follow the exact same VisManager and the exact same settings are not in sync with one another? This is probably the biggest bug to work on.

I don't necessarily expect you to answer all these questions here on this post, but maybe you could explain some of the more basic ones that aren't touched on in any of the tutorials.

Great Asset! I just want to be able to utilize it to it's full potential, please help! Thanks!
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Re: What do these scripts do?

PostPosted by GameDevKev » Mon Nov 23, 2015 3:33 pm

Ok so I made a bit of progress

If objects following the same Vismanager with the same exact settings are not in sync with one another you can change the Property Value Type to 'Normal Range' (it defaults to random range). This doesn't sync them perfectly, there is still something odd going on, but it is as close as I have been able to get them to triggering in sync. Image

Also figured out why I couldn't see the debug gui with all of the boxes checked, it was because I had an OVR cam on with no GUI. Wouldn't this be better off using a worldspace UI for Unity 5?
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