Possible bug when used in spherical space?

Possible bug when used in spherical space?

PostPosted by markziemer » Sat Nov 14, 2015 9:57 am

Greetings, Thanks for making the locator hud, it's just the thing I was looking for on the asset store.

I've been using locator hud in a space shooter game, where the player has the ability to look in any direction. Basically the user is in the center of a spherical universe and many targets move anywhere around the player within the universe.

It seems that I get spurious "On Screen Indicator" that darts across the screen, but there is no target within the indicator. I'm wondering if the the target may in truth be exactly behind the player at the time. The problem occurs every time. I'm not sure exactly where the target is, I'm assuming it's perfectly 180 degrees behind, but I haven't investigated further. Normally everything else works fine. When the target is in front of the player it's correctly identified.

Do you feel there might be an edge-case in your calculations that may be causing this?

I can track it further if necessary, I'm hoping you have an A=ha moment !

Thanks for your time!
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