Example Project not Working in Unity 5

Example Project not Working in Unity 5

PostPosted by 35P4 » Sat Mar 21, 2015 6:26 am

Hey there,

I just bought GameGrid in the Asset Store, created a new Project, imported it and tested the example scenes. The 2D Grid seems to work fine, but when I start the 3D Project the Raycasting does not work; I can click wherever I want and nothing happens. The EndCell can't be defined in the NavigatorScript.

I also tried to create a new Scene and use the Grid there, but I couldn't figure out why sometimes the Cells are drawn and sometimes not. Also it created strange directions, even though there was nothing else on the scene:
I thought I could figure it out by taking a look at the examples, but they seem to be buggy, too.

Does GameGrid not work with Unity 5, do I have to configure something special, or am I just doing something very stupid wrong? :D

Any kind of help is appreciated - Thanks in advance!
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